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Starodetskii Blog

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Life rules

Konstantin Starodetskii

Navigating your life can sometimes turn into a nightmare. When a crisis happens, it's hard to find a ground under your feet. I felt the need for creating a foundation of practices that would serve as a guide in case of emergency. After ten years of trial and error, I've developed the list of rules. Anytime I feel like I'm "losing it," I can easily open my file and check whether I'm on the right track. 

The number 22 is a "Master Number" in numerology, which means, it has a powerful vibration. It has the potential of turning dreams into realities. Of course, over time, some of the rules will evolve, so I don't limit myself to follow only these exact ones my entire life, but I maintain the number.

1. Write in a diary - win the day!

2. Work hard on your dream.

3. Exercise regularly.

4. Own your actions.

5. Certainty => Potential => Result => See, I told you!

6. Read wise books at least 1 hour a day.

7. Dream big, act daily.

8. Listen carefully.

9. Compliment people often.

10. Your habits = YOU

11. Ask yourself: "Is my heart in this work?"

12. What would [Insert your hero] do?

13. Love yourself like your life depends on it.

14. Travel more.

15. Take risks daily.

16. What will people talk about your achievements 300 years from now?

17. Spend quality time with your family.

18. I'm an average of 5 people I spend my time with.

19. It's either "HELL, YEAH!" or "No."

20. Cheap costs more.

21. Can I solve this problem in one day?  

22. Less is more.

You can either use this specific list or build your own. It helped me many times, and I believe it will benefit you. Remember to act upon the rules you've created for yourself. Otherwise, it's a useless practice. Remember, action cures the majority of our problems. Make a list and follow it.