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Starodetskii Blog

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Mr. X

Konstantin Starodetskii

The origins of this man are unknown, but everyone calls him Mr. X. He appeared out of nowhere and started to make a buzz in a tech world. He examines the question of how Artificial Intelligence (AI) influences our daily lives and habits. He emphasizes the significant role of creative thinking that will help us stay human in the future.

Mr. X picks up a specific intelligent technology that exists in the world now, analyses it, and gives a thorough explanation of it. He seems to be extremely knowledgeable about his subject, which frightens some people. He breaks down any technology to a simple principle that a child could understand. Mr. X designs a genius, out-of-the-box solutions on how to implement the power of AI in our regular lives today. Also, he describes the magic-like concepts that will portray the near future. Mr. X provides the calculations and shocking evidence that cure every single doubt of the public.

Mr. X interviews scientists from the world of AI. He is well-spoken and open-minded. Mr. X listens to everyone with royal respect, and he never brags about his knowledge. Scientists believe that he came from the future because his understanding of every scientific discipline is inexhaustible.

Mr. X loves to hang out with artists. He treats them as future saviors of humanity. Creativity is one of the most important words in his vocabulary. He donates an incredible amount of money to build world-class creative universities that are free of charge for every hardworking kid. Mr. X doesn’t give interviews or appear in a public eye, yet everyone knows him by the word-of-mouth. Mr. X protects his privacy and likes to keep it that way.

Mr. X states that he wants to raise awareness and understanding of the existing and upcoming AI technology. He shares his ideas on how we can or cannot use AI to benefit our lives. Mr. X regularly warns everyone on how AI will affect the future. He believes that if we are not cautious about the creation of AI, it will eventually surpass the human race. If that happens, there will be no way back.