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Budget your short film

Konstantin Starodetskii

Before you make your next short film, it is vital to budget all the essential elements that you will need to get your film screened at the festivals. It could cost you zero money, but you should keep in mind all the essential elements.

Director/Director of photography

  • The heart and brain of your movie. One person could do both.

Production designer

  • A personal stylist for your film.


  • The face of your movie.


  • A competent person who takes care of all the non-creative stuff is priceless.

Sound mixer/Boom operator

  • Without a good sound, no reasonable festival will accept your film.


  • They will make sure that your lights and camera are doing their best job. An excellent crew is your secret time saver.



  • You need something to shoot with.



  • A secret weapon for smooth production.



  • Make everyone’s life easier and take care of it in advance.



  • A place where you’ll put your camera.



  • For a piece of mind.



  • A soul of your movie.



  • This creator will get your film to the finish line and make sure it is ready for submission.



  • Add 15 % of your budget for unpredictable.


And remember that we earn money to make movies and not the vice versa. Have fun on your shoot.