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Starodetskii Blog

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Mystery of Cessna

Konstantin Starodetskii

LINDA flies almost fuel-less Cessna 172. There is a vast ocean ahead, and no signs of land. Her navigator ROGER is dead.

Propellers stop spinning. Cessna glides down to the sea. The plane gains momentum when a THUNDERSTORM devours the aircraft. Linda barely holds on to the seats in front of her. The plane shakes hard.

A BULLET-SHAPED VESSEL prevents Electra's crash, several feet away from the ocean's surface.

CAPTAIN of the mysterious VESSEL invites Linda aboard the sleek aircraft. A crew welcomes Linda as a Messiah. The legend says, "A savior will fall from the sky." In a blink of an eye, Linda watches Captain and the crew disappear. They were holograms. The ship operates itself away.

Linda meets human beings of the avatars she saw on the bullet-shaped vessel. They call themselves OUTCASTS and they risked everything by leaving their VR incubators.

In this world, people live in Virtual Reality. A long time ago, humanity sacrificed their bodies to the World of VR. Interactions in real-life prohibited by LIFE HUNTER, the human-like creature that owns the real life. The punishment - slavery in his castle for life. Life Hunter sucks human energy to feed himself.

Life Hunter imprisons Linda and the Outcasts in the castle. Linda has no clue on how to escape. Outcasts sure that solution will come to Linda in the right moment.

Linda struggles to find out what she must do. Life Hunter puts each outcast through the series of cruel mental labor that tremendously challenges their minds and bodies. After these sessions, they all crawl out exhausted.

One of the Outcasts can't bear the pressure and degrades to a baby mentality. Outcasts start to doubt that Linda is the savior.

Linda's turn. Life Hunter exploits her. She overcomes torturous mind drudgery. Life Hunter overloads her brain more, Linda's sense of reality blurs. Her mind slowly turns against her. Linda sees things that try to kill her will, her humanity. It pisses off Life Hunter. Linda gets tired, but she walks out of the torture chamber. Outcasts are fascinated. There's hope.

Next day, Life Hunter aggressively increases the intensity of Linda's thought challenges. Linda envisions series of high-pressure flights which make her mind to feel physical pain. After this session, Linda crawls to outcasts, and she still hasn't found the way to beat the Life Hunter.

Linda discovers that she must let go of her ego and accept things that happen to her as they are. Stop resisting them or trying to control, merely allowing them to go. Linda avoids any interactions with Life Hunter as if he isn't there. Life Hunter gets pissed, but he realizes that his influence on Linda is declining. Soon, she disappears from Life Hunter's eyes. The anger grows within Life Hunter until it destroys him.

Outcasts leave the castle. They can live in real life now and teach others how to do the same. Linda flies the Cessna over the ocean towards the horizon. The light grows brighter until Linda dissolves in it.