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Starodetskii Blog

Wealthy seven

Konstantin Starodetskii

We live in a world of distractions. There are so many things happening, and you want to be a part of everything. The fear of missing out, which already has its acronym (FOMO), rules our decision-making process. This phenomenon forces us to look at urgent tasks and takes our attention away from the big picture. 

There are various types of wealth. I break them down into seven significant kinds that have to be regularly fueled to experience genuine prosperity. When you ignore fulfilling one of these areas, that's when you sense that's something is missing. If you feel like you've reached the ceiling of improvement in one area, contribute to another. Here are the seven wealth types that will get you to the inner bliss:

1) Personal kingdom. Develop a stable relationship with yourself. Do the things that you enjoy doing alone. Remember your childhood, things that you loved doing back then are most likely the same things you would enjoy now. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you are engaging both your creative and analytical side of the brain.

2) Your body temple. Take care of your nutrition and exercise regimen. Commit to the physical activity of your choice. It doesn't have to be a gym. Consider trying skydiving, acro yoga, or horse-riding. Get your body moving and don't forget to feed it well.

3) Circle of love. This one we tend to ignore the most, because we think if it's there, then we don't have to care about it. I'm talking about developing a deep connection with your friends and family. Create a strong bond of love with people you surrounded yourself with, and if you don't feel like building a relationship with certain individuals, then you probably should consider spending less time with them.

4) Professional mastery. Find the great job that fits your character, if it doesn't, keep looking. We spend most of our time at work, so you must strive to find the activity that fulfills you. Also, if you're temporarily stuck at the job that you hate, then force yourself to find ten things that you love about it. Don't forget to do your job well. People notice that.

5) Financial victory. Apart from developing your professional skills, it's important to plant seeds in different areas that will grow into your financial stability in the future. To achieve that, each month, you have to put aside a certain amount of time and money towards building assets. It could be a new business, intellectual property, stocks, real estate, or something else that would bring you're a steady passive income in the future. In the beginning, however, you have to put an enormous amount of "sweat and blood" into creating the asset.

6) Memorable lifestyle. Experience life in new ways. Proper rest is essential to have a productive life. Travel to unusual places, try exotic food, do the things that you think are crazy. Practice getting out of a comfort zone in a fun way. Your brain will create new connections that will upgrade your "biological software" to the next level. Have fun.

7) Gifts to society. Giving is the most satisfying thing that you can do. Give often and be generous. It doesn't have to be your money. Volunteer doing something you love. Build an organization that helps people. Say compliments to random souls on the street. Consider creating a legacy that will live long after your time is over. Perhaps you will be one of the first human beings to fly to Mars.

Keep building your wealth in all seven areas, and remember: "If you prosper in your mind, you thrive in life."