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UT Podcast

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#20 Simplify

Konstantin Starodetskii


Simplify. Sometimes there are those days in life when you feel like the world is so complicated that there’s no reason even to try to succeed. That’s the moment when you need to pause.

Get yourself a nice warm drink, grab a pen and jot down all the problems and obstacles that stop you. When you finish, cross out the difficulties that you know how to solve. Then gather a group of people you trust perhaps over dinner at your house, and announce them the remaining problems from your list.

You’ll be surprised how quickly they find solutions that you haven’t even thought of. If you’re lucky, you’ll have all the problems solved on the spot which will be the end of your simplification process.

Most of the time you’ll end up with one or two issues, that doesn’t have a clear solution. That’s what you’ll focus on. Take care of the crucial problems first and the rest of them will seem like a piece of cake or won’t be problems any longer.

When your life becomes unbearable, always search for the ways to simplify.