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#22 Good luck

Konstantin Starodetskii

Good luck

Good luck. Today is a perfect day for this topic because the date is November twenty-two, which is a Thanksgiving day and this is my twenty-second episode. Am I feeling lucky? Yes, I believe so.

After talking to my classmates from different cultures, I’ve noticed how superstitions differ from one country to another. It’s fascinating that for some people black color means good luck while for others it’s a sign of misfortune. Similar differences happen with other superstitions.

That triggered my brain to analyze what makes the superstitions work and what doesn’t. And I conclude that it’s not about a superstition itself, but about the meaning, we put into it. The more you believe in it, the more likely it’s going to come true.

Thoughts are our secret power. Our brain is the mastermind behind all superstitions, as well as, everything else that happens to us in our reality.

Therefore, the reasonable strategy would be to focus only on things that bring luck, instead of freaking yourself out about some bad stuff that could happen to you because of that evil black cat that crossed your way.

Focus your mind on good luck, and it’ll come true.