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UT Podcast

#6 Humans and A.I.

Konstantin Starodetskii

What makes us Human? In this Episode I share my thoughts about it.

Humans and A.I.

What makes us human? Such a wonderful question. Is it all about the bonds we have with fellow sapiens? Or is it the ability of our brain to function in a certain way that Artificial Intelligence can’t?

As I was having more conversations about Intelligent Machines with people I know, as well as random ones I met while carpooling, I discovered that we, humans, gradually turn into computers, while robots are becoming more human.

We tend to make our lives more efficient by limiting real-life interactions with others to save time, simultaneously machines spend a lot of time communicating with us almost non-stop and which is more they learn how to feel.

That was eye-opening, especially when you start to think about all those warnings about A.I. taking over the world.

Here’s the deal, if you’d like to save the humanity, go out and have a meaningful face to face conversation with a living and breathing individual you’ve been communicating with online, and ask him or her, “What’s it like to be a human being?”