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UT Podcast

#5 Technology addiction

Konstantin Starodetskii

How the tehnology makes us addicts and what we can do.

Technology addiction

A virtual life versus a real one. I’ve noticed this secret evolution of machines. I’m talking about smartphones here. They’re fueled with distractions coming from various apps that attack our humanity nonstop. This dependence on the technology appears to me like a modern type of slavery.

That is a virtual ball and chain well-tied to our souls every single day. And when it's away from us, we feel insecure, bored, even lost. This notion of having the smartphone in your pocket to feel safe makes me terrified. Do we need this security?

Each life journey is an adventure, but it reveals its secrets only to those who dare to experience unknown. You’ll never discover the miracles of the World if you delegate control over your life to a mobile device.

Leave your gadgets at home and lose yourself in nature for a day or two. Make the first step to real life, and thrilling wonders of the Universe will open up to you.