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UT Podcast

#4 Distractions

Konstantin Starodetskii

In this Episode, I describe my experience of being overwhelmed by distractions and what helps to ignore them.


Fall in love with your failures. They are the ones that improve you. When you fall flat on your face make sure you put both of your hands on the floor and push yourself up. That’s important. There are way too many distractions in our modern world, and it seems impossible to avoid all of them.

Yesterday, I stuck in the web of anxiety, and a terrible spider of procrastination was slowly consuming me. That was the moment I closed my eyes and shut down my mind from the physical world. At first, it was scary and uncomfortable, but then I felt liberated. What was the point of getting myself so stressed out? None.

The world is an illusion. So why can’t I focus on what’s important to me? It’s all a game anyway. I opened my eyes and wrote the first word of my screenplay. Then I wrote a page. The gears started to spin, and I kept on going. There was no time left for distractions. Find out what’s meaningful to you and do the first step.