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UT Podcast

#3 Try something different

Konstantin Starodetskii

In the third episode of the UNCONSCIOUS THOUGHTS series, I emphasize the importance of trying something different.

Try something different

Do something different, take a path that is strange and unique, when everyone drives in your city consider taking a long walk. A few days ago, I walked with my friend from Burbank to Santa-Monica, which is a 6-hour challenge. This simple way of choosing a different path makes you think in an entirely new way. Fresh connections develop in your brain as your legs get tired.

Since your not protected by the cage of your car, you have to encounter real human beings, some are nice, some are questionable, and some are weird. The coolest part is that you have an opportunity to interact with them, even though, sometimes you have to. But that's okay. That's the beauty of it. You genuinely feel alive.

You learn more about your nature and what is crucial in life. On lucky days you can discover something utterly beautiful. Dare the world and try something different.