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UT Podcast

#9 The Importance of laughter

Konstantin Starodetskii

The importance of laughter

Laugh as if your life depends on it. The world may seem cruel at times. One day your life is good and then the next you go into a series of little and sometimes huge misfortunes, and there’s that desire to find someone responsible, someone, but yourself.

The one thing we seem to forget is that we always have a choice. Even though there’s none at first glance, it’s still available, even during the worst possible circumstances. We possess power over our reactions to the challenges.

You can get disappointed and internally or out loud blame the world and its members for your difficulties, or you can laugh at it. With all your passion, with all your might. Turn your disappointments into a powerful burst of laughter.

Just start laughing. It may begin as awkward and silly, but you keep going with it until you reach the state of flow where the troubles become the thing of the past and lose their influence on you.

You can even take it further and call your friends and laugh with them, or crack a joke at your workplace. Go and have a blast and don’t care what other tells you they're missing out lots of fun.